General Video

What types of events do you film?
I have filmed weddings, engagements, live births, birthdays, concerts, church gatherings, funerals, banquets, interviews, testimonies, and much more!

Are you open to filming other projects not mentioned above?
Totally! Shoot me a proposal through my form here, and let's make some magic happen! Anyone want to fulfill my dream of getting to film my first elopement? 

How long until I receive my video?
Because no event is like any other and I do all that I can to deliver my very best, turnaround times can vary from 1-4 months. However, production times are higher as I conclude my college career this spring. Thank you to all who have supported my endeavors and have been patient during my journey!

How do you choose the music?
Choosing the music for your video is more than just picking a catchy song off of a playlist. Songs convey stories on their own through genres, lyrics, notes, and dynamics so it's important to choose the appropriate song(s) that will take a supporting role in your story instead of competing against it. First, I review your footage to take your venue, theme, and overall mood into consideration. Then, I research songs accordingly so that I could project your story in a compelling way that makes sense.

What kind of cameras do you shoot with?
Canon EOS 5D Mark III + Sony Alpha 6500

Do you bring backup gear?
Yes, it's a must! 

How do I officially book you and pay?
First, I'd love to schedule a meeting to get to know you and your vision! Then in order to reserve your day, you'll need to sign my contract and pay at least 30% of your customized package. The remaining balance is due at least one week prior to your event.

What’s your pricing/package information and how do we get started?
Fill out my form here, and I'd be more than happy to get you all the details you need!

Wedding Video

What is your filming style?
Docu-matic (Documentary + Cinematic). Just kidding, that's not a thing...I think. But hey, we can make it a thing!
I'm all about capturing your unique story through real, unorchestrated moments and retelling it in an artistic, captivating way. And ultimately, it's more than just recording events as they unfold--it's about YOU! So in the midst of all the action, you can count on me being inconspicuous, but jumping in the right place at the right time. I believe in collecting small yet deliberate moments to tell a huge story.

Where are you based? Do you travel for weddings?
I am located in Loma Linda, CA. And I would hope so! My house doesn't make for that great of a venue. But seriously, who wouldn't be down to travel? I'm in!

How is the video delivered?
The video is delivered by mail on a custom thumb drive kept snug in a darling wooden keepsake box with your name on it.